01 March 2009

Australia 21 on Resilience

On Thursday 5 March Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor of Melbourne University and Patron of Australia 21 (www.australia21.org.au) will launch Australia 21’s next publication, Brighter Prospects: Enhancing the Resilience of Australia. This collection of essays by leading Australian thinkers, edited by Dr Steve Cork, canvasses the application of resilience thinking in a number of key policy areas including ecosystem resilience, climate change, public health, preparation for pandemics, biosecurity, peak oil, the economy, education, governance and national security.

The document will be available on the Australia 21 website soon after the launch.

If you like what you read, please remember that Australia 21 is a non-profit organisation that is entirely dependent upon grants, donations, in-kind support and generous contributions of time from its directors and researchers to undertake its work in advancing the research agenda on key issues that face Australia, and promoting public debate directed towards the development of robust solutions. As Obama’s approach to funding his election campaign showed so clearly, every little bit helps. Secure online donations can be made by clicking the icon on the Australia 21 home page.

Our thanks to PricewaterhouseCoopers for their generous assistance in staging this launch event.

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