01 March 2010

Accepting full responsibility

Last week we saw the Prime Minister accept “full responsibility” for the shortcomings of the national insulation rollout.

On Sunday we saw him extend his acceptance of full responsibility to all of the underperformances of the Government he leads.

Today we heard the Premier of Victoria, John Brumby, accept full responsibility for the “lacklustre performance” of the Government he leads.

Don’t be fooled. These are not acts of contrition. These gambits, straight from the Peter Beattie political handbook, are a very effective form of anti-ballistic missile defence. They are a reliable shield against all incoming fire. Clearly the Prime Minister or Premier is not going to resign over the odd “mistake” or two, but they do accept full responsibility, so there is no further discussion, no need to ask who did what when, and no need for the sound of heads dropping into wicker baskets with all of the accompanying messiness.  We can all "move on".  All the mates can remain in place.

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