01 January 2012

Northern Lawns, Booloominbah, ca. 1955

Amongst my father’s slide collection I found this little gem, which shows part of the University of New England as was over half a century ago.  It is a photo looking across the Northern Lawns of Booloominbah towards the Union Building.

I would date the slide to late 1955; the T.R. Forster Memorial Union, which was opened in April 1956, is at an advanced state of construction, but not yet complete.

Note the absence of the Dixson Library, the first stage of which was opened in my first year at UNE, 1961.  At this stage the University Library would have been in Booloominbah. The green Morris Oxford in the foreground of the picture belonged to the then Librarian, Edith Tattersall.

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