09 July 2009

Adobe Customer Support

Adobe Systems could hardly be accused of being passionate about supporting their customers.

A couple of weeks ago my computer died, and last week I embarked on the tedious task of reloading software, including Acrobat 8 which I purchased by download in 2006.

Having paid an extra $US3.00 for the right to re-download at any time, I downloaded Acrobat 8 and installed it on my machine, using the serial number supplied with the download. I was then asked to activate it, and on attempting to do that received a message to the effect that I had used up my activation limit. I should de-activate it on the other computer and try again. As both the screen and the motherboard of the computer in question had failed, this is a bit difficult.

I rang the Adobe Systems customer support number in Australia, only to be told that in order to serve me better they do not deal with activation issues over the phone, only online.

I navigated my way around the very cumbersome customer support regions of the Adobe Systems website (a time consuming process at 3-4 minutes per page load) and finally “opened” a “case” in the following terms:

I recently re-downloaded Acrobat 8 to install it on a new computer, as the old one has died (motherboard and screen both failed).

Upon trying to activate the new installation I received a message that I have reached my activation limit and must therefore deactivate it on the old computer. As this is not possible, could you please deactivate all current installations. I have no installed copies apart from the one I am trying to activate now.

My purchase order number is XXXXXXXXXXX.

Serial number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Thank you

Is that reasonably clear?

Today, a week after opening my “case”, I received a message from Adobe Systems in the following terms:

Good day!

Thank you for contacting Adobe Technical Support.

I understand that you are having an issue trying to activate your Acrobat 8 copy. To better assist you with this, please call our Customer Service department at 1800 614 863 .

Please be in front of your computer in doing so since they would need to get the necessary codes to activate your product.

They are open from Monday to Friday.

In order to assure correct processing, please reference the case number when contacting Adobe regarding this matter.

So Adobe Systems can better assist me if I ring the people who can better assist me if these matters are handled exclusively online.

Anyway, I have called the number and so far have been on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes. I don’t call that a telephone service that anyone can use.

Wouldn’t it be better if someone just dealt with the “case”?


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