27 July 2009

Graeme Blundell on Norm and Ahmed

To read Graeme Blundell’s amusing recollection of his brush with the Vice Squad on the occasion of his first gig as a director, published in today’s edition of The Australian, go to this link.

The year was 1969 and the play was Alex Buzo’s Norm and Ahmed, which The Alex Buzo Company will be opening in Sydney on 5 August as part of a double bill directed by Arne Neeme. The companion piece is a contemporary reworking of Norm and Ahmed’s theme in a new play by award-winning playwright Alana Valentine, entitled Shafana and Aunt Sarrina. It promises to be a great evening.

Visit the Classic and Contemporary page on the Alex Buzo Company’s website for further details about the plays and the Alex Buzo Memorial Lecture, for booking links and for an opportunity to make tax deductible donations to the company through the Australian Business Arts Foundation.

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