27 August 2009

ABC Radio National

Most Australians are familiar with the wealth of information that is available on the quality current affairs programs that are put to air by the public broadcaster ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Radio National – strapline “a world of ideas”.

My purpose in writing this post is to introduce to the 30% of my readers outside Australia the idea that Radio National might have something for you. Indeed if you are bothering to visit and revisit this site, then I am sure that RN has something for you. This is no parochial outfit, it trawls the world for big ideas and gives them to us in worthwhile depth. Here are the programs that are regularly downloaded to my iPod (I only wish that I had time to listen to them all). Most of them are available for download or to hear in streaming mode, and most are also available as transcripts:

Background Briefing

Big Ideas

The Book Show

The Health Report


Late Night Live

Ockham's Razor

The Science Show

In future posts I will point to particular programs, but I hope there is something in this lot that is of interest. More generally, bookmark www.abc.net.au as a worthwhile source of global news and information.

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