29 August 2009

Defence Materials Technology Centre

The Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) was established in June 2008 following the Commonwealth Government’s decision to establish technology development joint ventures, Defence Future Capability Technology Centres (DFCTCs), to combine expertise and resources from defence industries and research providers.

Launched in February 2009, DMTC is Australia’s first DFCTC and focuses on developing and delivering superior technologies to Australia’s defence industry.

Its purpose is to develop and deliver advanced materials technologies and manufacturing processes across four program areas – Aircraft Platforms, Maritime Platforms, Armour Applications and Propulsion Systems.

Projects within these programs will deliver new materials technologies that will increase strength, payload capacity and operating range while improving performance and durability in Australia’s defence industry. New manufacturing processes will increase efficiency in production, reduce costs and waste, customise equipment for specific Australian conditions and provide access to new markets.

The business structure of DMTC is modelled on the successful Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program. Its core and supporting partners from defence industries, universities and research agencies are already experienced in providing a wide range of industrial and technological disciplines within the supply chain that supports Australia’s defence industry capability.

Partners provide DMTC with access to their skilled personnel, materials and manufacturing facilities and work with the company to ensure that all research is focused on delivering to the end-user – the Australian Defence Force.

DMTC operational funding is drawn from several sources with an initial underwriting in excess of $85 million in cash and in-kind contributions. The Commonwealth contributed $30 million with the State Governments of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales putting in a combined $9 million. Collaborative partners are responsible for providing the remaining resources.

DMTC operates as a private company, and is funded for an initial seven-year term. Its Chief Executive Officer is Dr Mark Hodge, a professional engineer who prior to his recruitment in June 2008 had been for three years the CEO of Australian Aerospace and Defence Innovations (AADI).

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