25 August 2009

Rethinking Afghanistan

For those who are still relaxed and comfortable about how the war in Afghanistan is going, at http://rethinkafghanistan.com/ there is a very uncomfortable series of six videos, each of around ten minutes, in which a series of experts and local commentators give their views of aspects of the war:

Part One focuses on what military escalation will achieve in Afghanistan.

Part Two looks at how the war could further destabilize a nuclear-armed Pakistan.

Part Three focuses on the staggering costs of the war, which could easily exceed $1 trillion.

Part Four examines the civilian casualties caused by recent U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan.

Part Five questions the assumption that war can liberate Afghan women.

Part Six brings you three former high-ranking CIA agents explaining why there is no "victory" to be won in Afghanistan.

Each of these videos can be watched online at no charge, by clicking the links provided.

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