10 June 2009

Popular pages report, 10 June 2009

Installed on this site is StatCounter software which tells me how many hits the site receives each day, which pages the visitors are reading, and the location of the reader’s ISP. It also provides rank order data about the individual page loads and the ISP locations of visitors. This latter data is provided on a rolling basis, being always an analysis of the last 2,000 hits. Not surprisingly about 25% of hits are visits to the site’s front page, which provides immediate access to the last seven posts.

The other 75% of hits represent visitors coming direct to an individual page as a result of a Google search, hitting a link within the site, or accessing a link referred by friends or colleagues.

For those who are interested, as of this morning the top five page loads apart from the front page are:

- Submarines: Chairman ASC to Prime Minister

- AWD: who is building those ships?

- Submarines: the management consultants' review

- Project Wedgetail: a cautionary tale

- Reducing rural industry research

Not everyone is fascinated by submarines or the mysteries of alliance contracting in Defence, so here are the top five non-Defence page loads:

- Andres Segovia: the American Decca recordings

- Yehudi Menuhin: the great EMI recordings

- Aussie Observer Roundup 19 April

- Eleftheria in Melbourne

- Iran election watch: Mir-Hossein Mousavi

As for where these visitors are coming from, on a country basis the rank order is:

- Australia (82.45%)

- United States (6.95%)

- Taiwan (2.8%)

- Republic of Korea (1.20%)

- United Kingdom (0.85%)

- Sweden (0.80%)

- Germany (0.55%)

These are followed by a long tail of isolated hits from thirty countries, each of which represents less than 0.5% of hits.

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