15 March 2009

Yehudiana: Reliving the Menuhin Oddysey

For those of you who have enjoyed the wonderful performances of Yehudi Menuhin over the years, or have benefited from his mentoring of up and coming musicians, an important biography of one of the century’s great musicians has recently been published by my life-long friend Philip Bailey, who worked on the Menuhin staff from 1976 until Yehudi’s death in 1999.

This is no hagiography – it is an account based on a close working and professional relationship with Yehudi and his second wife Diana, on privileged access to the family and to private documents, and on years of careful research.

The first 300-page volume, tracing the Menuhin odyssey from anti-Semitic pogroms of late nineteenth-century Russia to the eve of Yehudi’s second marriage in 1948 is available now.

Book two, bringing the odyssey to its conclusion, will be published in August.

The first volume may be ordered by post with an order form downloadable from the Yehudiana website here. The website itself is worth checking out.

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