30 March 2010

Introducing the Australia 21 blog

In About Australia 21 I introduced the non-profit research organisation of which I am a foundation director.

My colleagues on the Australia 21 board have asked me to establish and manage a dedicated Australia 21 blog to provide a vehicle for disseminating our work and keeping our growing circle of supporters in touch with our activities.

I have called it Shaping Australia’s Future.  Please visit our site, and bring it to the notice of any of your friends and colleagues you think might be interested.  Click the email icon at the foot of each post to forward them individual articles.

Comments containing useful information and/or reasoned argument are welcome, but they will be reviewed before being uploaded and the decision whether or not to post them are at the absolute discretion of Australia 21.  Racist, sexist or other offensive material will not be accepted.  We welcome alternative viewpoints (they are the lifeblood of our debates), but assertions unsupported by reasoned argument are unlikely to make the cut, whether they agree or disagree with us.

Please hit the link, see what we have to offer, and by all means join in.

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