27 December 2010

Ha’aretz on Netanyahu and Israel’s standing

On 22 December the Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz editorialised that Binyamin Netanyahu can blame himself for the decline in Israel’s world standing. The editorial concludes:

Our political leaders only have themselves to blame for the deterioration in Israel's international standing. WikiLeaks has exposed that Ron Dermer, a political adviser to Netanyahu, told guests from the United States in December 2009 that Netanyahu has lost patience with Abbas and does not consider him a partner for peace.

In December 2010, leaders around the world are losing their patience with Netanyahu and are wondering if the Israeli prime minister is a partner for peace. The way to restore their faith and protect Israel's interests around the world remains the freezing of settlements and a diplomatic process in which the core issues are seriously discussed. The international community must push the sides toward such negotiations.

Read the full editorial here.

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