19 May 2011

Who’s afraid of WikiLeaks?

Tomorrow (Friday 20 May)  in Sydney I will be chairing a session at the Sydney Writers’ Festival entitled Who’s afraid of WikLeaks.

The members of the panel will be

-  Suelette Dreyfus, author (with Julian Assange) of Underground, William Heinemann, Sydney 2011 – the story of the 1980s-1990s hacker underground, an important segment of which was operating out of Melbourne.

-   Andrew Fowler, author of The Most Dangerous Man in the World, Melbourne University Press, 2011

-  Barbara Gunnell, author of Rebel, public nuisance and dreamer: Julian Assange standing alone, GriffithREVIEW 32, March 2011.

-  Robert Manne, author of The Cypherpunk Revolutionary, The Monthly, March 2011.

-  Guy Rundle, author of Open-eyed conspiracy his time doth take, Overland, Issue No. 202, Autumn 2011.

The session will take place at Sydney Town Hall, 6.00-7.30 pm. The SWF webpage for the session may be accessed here.

I have signed a release for the ABC to make audio or video recordings of the session, and will post links for anything that goes to air after the Festival.

1 comment:

Alison said...

I am quite shocked by the hostility Americans displayed over WikiLeaks. It will be interesting to see the discussion from your session. Looking forward to it.