17 December 2009

The Iranian missile test

Iran announced on Wednesday that it had conducted a test firing of its most advanced missile, the solid fuelled Sejil-2, which is capable of reaching Israel and parts of Europe.

I do not think the test has changed much, and the Pentagon seems unexcited about it (see New York Times report of 16 December here).

Nevertheless there is shrillness from the White House and the obedient Gordon Brown, which I would read as part of the campaign to drum up support for tougher sanctions from reluctant key players such as the Continental Europeans, Russia and China.

My repose will be undisturbed by this latest development (but not by the prospect of sanctions).  I know we are supposed to see the development of Iranian capability as deeply destabilising to the Middle East.

I would like someone to explain to me why it is not destabilising for Israel to have nuclear missiles that can reach Iran, and to talk incessantly about attacking Iran, but it is destabilising for Iran to have missiles of any kind that can reach Israel.

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