14 November 2010

Zvi Bar’el on the Palestinian state

Zvi Bar'el is the Middle Eastern affairs analyst for Ha’aretz Newspaper. He is a columnist and a member of the editorial board. Previously he has been the managing editor of the newspaper, the correspondent in Washington and has also covered the Occupied Territories.

In ‘Palestine? Yes!’ in today’s edition of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz he writes that today, it is not Israel which is dictating the international consensus but the Palestinians; this is their opportunity to establish the Palestinian state.

...why should the Palestinians not demand international recognition of their state? In such a move it could shake the peace process and extricate it from the strangle hold in which Palestine and Israel are caught.

International recognition of a Palestinian state should not undermine the negotiations. Except that under the new circumstances the negotiations will be between two states of equal status. If Israel announces that it will cease negotiating as punishment, well, that is already what has been happening for a while. Israel will annex the settlements, as further sanctions? In any case they function as an inalienable part of Israel and even without official annexation they are part of the whole, at least according to the prime minister.

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