12 January 2011

The fate of the Arabists in State

Anyone who wonders why the United States has become so profoundly one-eyed on behalf of Israel, to the point where it seems unable even to conceptualise a Palestinian weltanschauung, will find an entry posted by Jeff Weiss on 9 January on the US blog Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East an interesting read.

Entitled Angry Arab says that after Bill Clinton got in, Arabists were ‘eliminated’ from State Dep’t, it is a commentary on a blog post written by Lebanese American academic As'ad AbuKhalil (“Angry Arab”)in response to a letter to the New York Times by Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman.

The comments posted on the Mondoweiss piece are worth reading too.

I commented on some related issues back in March 2009 when the Obama Administration began to make (or fail to make) key Middle East-related appointments – see Got him!, Hillary's envoy: not everyone is cheering and No way to approach Middle East peace.

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