28 March 2011

Armidale Express on Emma Buzo

For my friends with Armidale connections, and perhaps even more importantly for all of her friends in the Sydney theatrical world who will not be reading country newspapers, the 9 March edition of The Armidale Express had a nice piece, Play for tolerance,  about Emma Buzo’s return to the town in which both her parents grew up, to manage the Michael Hoskins Creative Arts Centre, and to teach drama.

It discusses the enduring significance of her father Alex’s play Norm and Ahmed, and makes the connection between subject of the play and the experiences of Emma’s Albanian-born grandfather Zihni, who came to Armidale to work as a civil engineer in 1954.

For earlier posts on Emma and Alex see The Alex Buzo Company and SMH on Emma Buzo.

For a little of the atmosphere of Alex’s schooling and Emma’s new environment, see The Class of 1960, fifty years on.

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