01 August 2013

SIEV 358: Tony Kevin on the WA Coroner’s findings

In today’s edition of Inside Story former Ambassador Tony Kevin, author of Reluctant Rescuers and the earlier “A Certain Maritime Incident”, his account of the SIEV X tragedy, analyses the findings of the West Australian Coroner in the matter of 102 deaths (seventeen bodies retrieved and a further eighty-five people presumed drowned) in the case of SIEV 358, an overloaded asylum-seeker boat that capsized at around 4.30 am Perth time on 21 June last year.

Tony Kevin, who was International Whistleblower of the Year in 2002 for his work on SIEV X, attended the five days of the hearings and his analysis of the findings raises a number of important issues about this tragic episode and some disturbing aspects of the behaviour of key Australian agencies.

Read his analysis here.

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