02 July 2010

Mungo MacCallum on the Rudd decline

In a prophetic article in Crikey on Monday 7 June 2010, veteran political commentator Mungo MacCallum wrote that the Rudd Government was in diabolical trouble, and analysed what the Rudd legacy might mean for Australian public life.  The core of his analysis is summed up at the end:

[The] public reversion to cynicism about politics and its place in society is perhaps the very worst legacy Rudd could leave Australia, but seems highly likely he will do so. His election campaign and the first year if (sic.) his government did a lot to restore the hope and trust that Howard had so badly eroded; but in the past few months he has p-ssed it all away in favour of timidity, indecision and, of course, a sack full of broken promises.

Part of the problem is the group of time-servers, mercenaries and mug lairs he has collected around him; mainly refugees from the New South Wales right, they are ignorant of the past (it’s irrelevant), uninformed about the present (they only talk to each other) and uninterested in the future (it doesn’t go past the next Newspoll.) But it is Rudd himself who has been the most crashing disappointment: Kevin 07 has melted in to Kevin Zilch.

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