03 July 2010

Special Forces Roll of Honour

In the course of my researches concerning Jock McDiarmid, MM C de G I came upon a website called the Special Forces Roll of Honour, a site established and maintained by John Robertson of Ayr in Scotland, in memory of his father-in-law, Adam Anderson, who served with Popski’s Private Army (No. 1 Demolition Squadron), 1944-45.

It contains a massive amount of information and many photos, and is well worth a visit for anyone with connections to special forces soldiers who served from World War II to the present. It covers British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and US Special Forces, Indian Parachute Brigades, French, Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian, Palestinian, Polish and Czech secret agents, Chindits, Dambusters, Fiji Guerrillas, and many more categories.

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