21 November 2012

Richard Farmer on Gillard and Nauru

Not for the first time Crikey political commentator Richard Farmer impresses me with his eloquence – so much so that on the subject of this post I feel that I can do no better than quote him in full from today’s edition:

Out of sight but not out of mind. Don't worry about the impact of those Julia Gillard dealings with AWU officials back in the 1990s. They are not the reason she will end up in the Labor history books as the party's most disgraceful leader ever. She is earning that distinction with the appalling cruelty in the way her government is dealing with boat people on Nauru.

Banning the press from reporting directly on what is happening in that tent camp will not halt forever the Australian people discovering the horrors being done in their name.

When the parliament votes next week to excise the Australian mainland from the nation's migration zone the party she has led down the slope into amorality will resemble no more the one that was once the great supporter of social justice.

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