28 November 2012

Tony Windsor: we should all be ashamed

Once again the Independent Member for New England, Tony Windsor, has hit the nail on the head, in comments he made recently about the latest developments in asylum seeker policy.

Writing in the 26 November edition of The Sydney Morning Herald, defence correspondent David Wroe reports:

THE asylum seeker debate is laced with ‘’veiled racism’’ and should leave all parliamentarians ashamed, key crossbencher Tony Windsor says.

After the major parties both announced last week tough new policies to deter asylum seekers arriving by boat, Mr Windsor said Labor was futilely competing to be as tough as the Coalition and this would backfire.

‘’I reckon we should all be ashamed to even be in the Parliament, the way in which this debate has carried on,’’ he said. ‘’The politics of the dog whistle, the veiled racism – it’s great stuff if you want to create the politics of fear and division in the community.’’

To read the whole article see We should all be ashamed, Windsor tells MPs.

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