06 November 2012

UNE growing fast

I am happy to report that my alma mater the University of New England is experiencing unprecedented growth in student enrolments, and is currently one of the fastest growing universities in Australia. Since 2011 it has managed to increase its internal student enrolments by 20 per cent and external student enrolments by nearly 24 per cent.

Vice-Chancellor Jim Barber attributes the success in part to UNE’s reinvigorated online course offerings and a focus on increasing the University’s online market share. The success in the online market helps the university to reinvest in its on-campus offerings to its internal students.

To those of us who watched with dismay the University’s near-death experience in the 1990s resulting from amalgamation and disamalgamation, the latest news is good news indeed.

Read the University’s announcement here.

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