22 November 2009

Thirty years of Iranian history in three minutes

An article by Mark Bowden in the Wall Street Journal 18 November 2009, entitled How Iran’s Revolution was Hijacked, gives as good a potted summary of the thirty years of Iranian history since the 1979 revolution as you will find in a few hundred words.

Mr. Bowden, a national correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly, is the author of Guests of the Ayatollah and, more recently, The Best Game Ever, both published by Atlantic Monthly Press.

Read Bowden’s article here.

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Mikhail Silverwood said...

The Iranian Revolution was originally a workers revolution which was stolen by Ayatollah, the pig.

Iranian labourers rose up and went on strike, kicking out their bosses and controlling the factories, and setting up worker's councils.

The Iranian revolution was another example of a workers revolution that is stolen away by an opportunistic despot.
Can you name another such a case?