15 September 2010

Abbott the wrecker

We are informed by The Australian Financial Review’s Chief Political Correspondent David Crowe, in today’s edition (see Turnbull back to demolish NBN on page 1), that

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has sharpened his attack on federal Labor by elevating former foe Malcolm Turnbull to the job of “demolishing” the government’s $43 billion national broadband policy, in a reshuffle that has also strengthened his focus on regional Australia.

...Mr Abbott declared that the issue would be the centre of the political battle over the next 18 months.

“I can’t think of anyone better than Malcolm Turnbull, given his experience in telecommunications and in business, to hold the government ferociously to account in this area,” Mr Abbott said.

We hear quite a lot from Mr Abbott about demolishing things, eliminating things, stopping things from happening.  He is going to demolishing the national broadband network, stop the boats, stop the waste and more besides.

As he is presenting himself as the alternative Prime Minister of the country, one who in his own estimation might have to take over any day now, just as soon as the country independents come to their senses, I look forward to hearing from Mr Abbott about something he would actually like to do. What is he going to do with all that power he craves once he has got it, what is his vision for us?

We are hearing a fair bit about ferocity these days. I am not sure what happened to the “kinder, gentler polity”. Perhaps that is one more child overboard, or perhaps it is the case that an electorate that makes the wrong decision at the ballot box doesn’t deserve such a thing.

One thing that doesn’t seem to bother Mr Abbott too much is internal consistency in his approach. Mr Abbott is going to strengthen his focus on regional Australia. Tony Windsor thinks that the people of regional Australia attach great importance to high speed broadband, and as he gained an extraordinary 62% of the primary vote in New England we can assume he has some idea of what he is talking about. Mr Abbott is going to demolish the national broadband network. Figure that one out.


sam said...

Abbott now has 2 problems - and no ready solutions for either one.

NBN and a Carbon Tax. If BHP (and RIO) are pushing for it, how does he deny a need to act on a price for carbon (a great big tax).

Turnbull is being put up as a straw man to destroy him self over the NBN and he may even cross the floor on a carbon tax.

The problems of a policy vacuum will soon loom large.

Anonymous said...

I knew it wouldn't be long before he flew his true flag.Perfect gentleman until he found out the In dependant's didn't back him, boy did his face colour change. Remember what he did to Pauline Hansen, well I think he is trying to do the same thing to Rob Oakshot, get on his wrong side and look-out.He really doesn't have much time for females, as I said "showing his true colour's"