04 September 2010

Tony Windsor’s gone to Tamworth

The (very) Independent Member for New England has gone home to Tamworth to ponder the decision he should make about who should have the opportunity to form the next government.

I do not envy him the decision he has to make, but I know that it will be a conscientious one and, whichever way it goes, I expect that he will receive strong support from the local communities.

To give a sense of the place, here are a few photos taken from the window of a Qantas Dash-8 as we were coming in to land on the way to Armidale in 2005, when the whole New England region was in the grip of a protracted drought.

Things are better up there now, although the Bundarra – just west of Armidale – Exceptional Circumstances (EC) district was still drought declared as of 29 June 2010.

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