16 September 2010

Emma goes to Armidale

In The Alex Buzo Company I introduced the company founded by the notable Australian playwright’s daughter Emma to produce, promote and perpetuate his work, and in Alex Buzo Company double bill I foreshadowed the August 2009 revival of Alex’s first play, Norm and Ahmed, at the Seymour Centre, Sydney, under the direction of Arne Neeme, in a double bill with a contemporary reworking by award-winning playwright Alana Valentine.

On Friday 25 September 2009 Emma took Norm and Ahmed to Armidale to kick off The Armidale School’s Old Boys’ Weekend with a performance in the new creative arts centre, the TAS Hoskins Centre.

The great news for the School, and for the town, is that from the start of first term next year Emma take up duty in a newly created position in which she will both teach drama and manage the Hoskins Centre. This is a very entrepreneurial move by the School, and a demonstration of its strong commitment to the arts and producing well rounded boys.  Emma’s energy, creativity and professional eye for what works, combined with her teaching experience, will be a great asset, and she will be in a position to build on a long history of live performance at the School, of which a little more in later posts.

Two of Emma’s boys will start at TAS next year, making three generations of Buzos with a connection with TAS.

All of Alex’s former classmates will join me in wishing her well in this career change, and the move from Sydney to Armidale.

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Jim Belshaw said...

Definitely Armidale's gain, Paul.