03 August 2009

Japanese Restaurant: Yu-u, 137 Flinders Lane

Sampled tonight for the first time, on about the fourth attempt, having been booked out on the first three occasions, Yu-u Japanese Restaurant, at 137 Flinders Lane Melbourne.

The Age Good Food Guide gives this restaurant 15/20, which means that it is awarded one hat. The rating is richly deserved. As one would hope and expect in a good Japanese restaurant, the food is impeccably fresh and cooked to perfection.

Do not feel bad about yourself if you cannot find it; the entrance is, shall we say, rather discreet. I turned up at the designated address, and with the benefit of having consulted Google Maps, and couldn’t see it for the life of me. I walked up and down Flinders Lane a bit, gave up and went and consulted the concierge at the Hyatt, returned armed with further information, and still had trouble. Look for a red door covered in graffiti, set in an unprepossessing wall covered in graffiti, with a tiny sign on the architrave. This wall and door are actually in Oliver Lane, right on the corner with Flinders Lane.

Step through that door and down the stairs and you are in another world. Well worth a try.

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